About Us

Our Difference

An increasing number of tourists are visiting Africa.These tourists have the option to use any of the fast-growing tourist companies.

Most of these companies offer high standards and big budget services. However, they only allow you to experience Africa from a distance. This is exactly where Warmheart Travels is different. We bring our visitors close to the African people and their lives.

We ensure that our visitors have the feeling that they have really seen Malawi in their own comfortable and personal way. Next to that, we offer a wide variety of trips to suit any budget.

The Warm Heart Story

On 27 April, 2004 Hans and Trees Schouten a Dutch couple who was on a cycling holiday throughout Malawi met with a dream which was full of vibrancy and potencial for growth. Like many African dreams in which facing many challenges, Hans and Trees embraced this dream as they nurtured it well.


Our mission is to let you experience the culture and meet the people of Malawi, understanding what Africa is really about. Warmheart Travels bring you to the people, close to their local life style in a way that is in harmony with both parties. We give them both the opportunity to learn from each other in a friendly and respectful way. Our tourism activities are therefore small scale and personal, with respect for local lifestyle and traditions. Warmheart Travels uses local services as much as possible in order to contribute to the development of the local.