Tours Mix adventure, an afternoon in the Townships or a big night out.

Bring to life the awe-inspiring destination in Malawi. Engage colorful cultures, wildlife and landscapes through exhilarating, educational and immersive activities and arrive at a greater understanding of our incredible country

Complete holiday tours Think about the approximate date you want to visit, how long you intend to stay, your budget and desired level of elephantcomfort and stay, your special interests (i.e. people, nature, national parks, rural areas, beach, nightlife), the places you want to visit and your ideas about special destinations for your trip. As soon as we receive your information, we can answer your questions and make suggestions for a more detailed planning of your tour in a comprehensive travel proposal.

Village Visits We incorporated the country’s greatest asset, its amazingly friendly people, into our tours. The people we visit are not ‘genuine tribesmen’ in exotic traditional dress, or hunter-gatherers eking out an existence in some pristine wilderness. Usually they are simple farmers living in close-knit rural communities and happy to share their life with visitors.villagers

We take you to the village and meet the chief, cook and eat Nsima and learn about the culture and the wisdom of the people in the remote areas where life goes on as it has for centuries. You can stay in a host family and live with the local people. You can learn about the African traditions, relax and enjoy

A visit to the village brings income to the villagers

Township Visits The township of Lilongwe, also know as area 21, is something special.56 000 people live on a surface of nearly 10 square km. The township inhibits 5 markets, 2 churches, 1 school and 50 barbershops. This place is vibrant. A lot of townships around the world are quite dangerous but not in Lilongwe. It’s more as a city next to the city with its own rules, shops and football teams. Warmheart Travels has also its own look on tourism. We offer a true local experience in a sustainable way. Our tours and trips are full of stories, activities, challenges and a lot of smiling faces.

Our services includes; Picking you up at your hotel; drive you to the entrance of area 21; offering you a small local snack and an introduction on township life. We start ahike through the narrow streets of ‘Kaliyeka’ up to the top of Kaliyeka hill.

We eat lunch at a local host. No worries, the food is fresh and safe! After lunch is up to you actually. We can go the local school, get your hair done in a barbershop, visit the fascinating market or in the weekend, show of your football skills with the local players (your feet are gonna get dirty)