Car Hire

Flexibility and comfort are the main advantages of travelling by private car. Reliable public transport companies with comfortable, warmmodern buses do operate in Malawi. However, they run only between the main cities and do not stop in the little villages in between. Generally, the places of interest are located in the countryside and you will need to use local buses to reach your destination. Those buses are far less frequent, reliable and safe. Don't be surprised if your are sitting waiting in the bus for hours before it gets full and heads off to your destination.

Travelling by public transport can have a charm of its own, but there can be days you don't seem to get anywhere. The local buses are literally stuffed with people, many more than would be considered safe in for example Europe. There is very little or no private space, or you will find yourself with a big bag or a child on your lap for hours. If someone has to get off somewhere, half the people in the bus have to get out to let the person through. On long trips, stops in between are rare, so be prepared and train your bladder. Needless to say, travelling this way can be exhausting if you don't have the right mindset and physical stamina.

Travelling by a private car is far less time-consuming and more comfortable. Adventurous travelers don't have to be afraid that travelling in a car means that your trip will be less exciting. In a car you can stop at places where public transport will pass through. You can reach villages and interesting places where a bus could never bring you.

We rent special cars needed on special request, please specify a kind of a car you are looking for and we give you a quote.