Car Hire

Flexibility and comfort are the main advantages of travelling by private car. Reliable public transport companies with comfortable, warmmodern buses do operate in Malawi. However, they run only between the main cities and do not stop in the little villages in between. Generally, the places of interest are located in the countryside and you will need to use local buses to reach your destination. Those buses are far less frequent, reliable and safe. Don't be surprised if your are sitting waiting in the bus for hours before it gets full and heads off to your destination.



Explore the world, immerse in a different culture, make a difference, and all at the same time! Build schools or help protect some wildlife.

Traveling with Us

The most memorable travel experiences happen unexpectedly, and putting those experiences into words can be a difficult task. When you travel with Warmheart Travels, these unexpected events and spontaneous meetings with local people will stay in your memory long after your journey: the extraordinary hospitality you received in a little village; the entertaining humor of the market women; or the fabulous skills of local craftsmen.